Our Story

BumpOut is for those who boldly do what they love, not just what they are told.

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Bumpout Isn't Just A Speaker. It's A Movement.

BumpOut United is our platform that encourages thousands of young people to embrace their individuality with the guidance and encouragement from successful individuals who have already done it.  

We try to show kids what can they achieve by breaking out of the pack and embracing their individuality; to team up with like-minded go-getters that share the same ambitions and principles. We believe in doing what you love, not just what you are told.

Our mission begins with a small, but powerful speaker and a commitment to positively impact the youth.

We hope you’ll join us.

Maybe world peace summits just need better playlists.

No, really. Think about it.

Music can unite us. It can inspire us. It sets the mood. It tells us when to party, when to get stuff done, or when to do one of the thousands of other things that make you, you.

We believe in the power of music. We abide by it, we live it, we buy it.  

From the morning workout to the office, the side hustle to building the community, and ending the day with friends and family… we need music.

Despite the number of speakers that are marketed as “portable,” there aren't any that are both versatile and powerful...until now.

Big sound from a speaker that fits in the palm of your hand.

We put it all on the line to develop the perfect product. We were sick of overpriced, oversized speakers with mediocre sound and weak bass, so we decided to build BumpOut. We did the research, assembled our team and worked our a** off to create a premium speaker with powerful sound that makes your life not only easier, but better.

Meet BumpOut. We dreamt big when we set out to create the first speaker that's both portable, versatile and powerful and we did it!

BumpOut was built for the go-getters who make things happen. Dream big, work hard, never quit.